Manuel Antonio National Park:

These photos were taken in the the Manuel Antonio National park near Quepos. This park is a small island connected by a land bridge that has a few trails on it. There is also a beach on one side that is very popular with the natives and tourists. The monkeys come into the park to steal food out of the garbage cans, and from the bathers. They are not afraid of people, but avoid the guards who chase them away. They can recognize the guards by their uniforms.

Since we are at a low altitude here near the ocean, the temperature and humidity were very bad. I obviously don't do well in the heat.
Monkey hanging out in a tree.
Monkey hanging out looking for food.
Monkey looking for food.
Monkey trying to steal my water bottle.
Two Monkies doing Monkey things.
Three toed sloth looking for food.
This is a baby three toed sloth who's mother is not far away. He was just hanging around waiting for th Ecotourists to leave.
This creature is called an Agouti. It is basically a large rat about 2 feet long.
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