Sendero National Park:

We visited the Sendero National Park and spotted lots of wildlife including monkeys, snakes, macaws, and other birds.

This is the entrance to the park.
Here is a of a flock of Brown Rumped Ecotourists wandering down the trail. One can often times encounter the Brown Warbler near by as they commonly roost together.
This is a Macaw. These birds are very loud, and can be heard for hundreds of yards.
This guy was not very approachable.
This is a male Anhinga or Snake Bird. This bird is an accomplished swimmer and spends alot of time under water. When it raises it's head for air, it looks like a snake, hence the name. After diving, they must spread their wings like this to dry before they can fly.
This is a small lizard of some type.
Another lizard.
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