June, 2005

Kelly and I spent 11 days touring Ecuador and the Galapagos islands in June 2004. One day was spent in Quito, the capital of Ecuador which is situated in a valley between two ridges of the Andes mountains at an elevation of 9350 feet. The remainder of the trip was spent on board the M/V Santa Cruz touring the Galapagos Islands,

Photos (except for the boobie porn site), are organized by location visited. Each major location has a page devoted to it using the navigation buttons on the top of the screen.

We used Brendan Tours for this trip and were very pleased with everything. This was a first rate vacation package which included all expenses except for two meals, and drinks on board ship. We were met by a guide as soon as we landed in Quito and were constantly accompanied by someone until they dropped us off at the airport on the last day. We can't think of anything negative about this entire trip, and we highly recommend this to anyone thinking of going to the Galapagos.

Disclaimer: At Kelly's insistance, I must point out that no animals were harmed during the making of this web site. I did not eat any Galapagos animals. The recipes listed herein have not been tested. This is merely a fabrication of my twisted sense of humor, not Kelly's.

Our cruise visited 8 islands in the Galapagos as shown on the map below. Each island was different in some way with regards to terrain and species of plants and animals. Without visiting all the major islands, one would miss the extensive diversity which makes this place so unique.